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hire Quality Assurance testers

hire Quality Assurance testers

Hire quality assurance testers to achieve the most from your project. Mobile and SAAS application development are hot, but Atimi knows that cost overruns can be deadly. A typical app store application sells for 49 cents and contracting for large upfront fees is dead.

You need a product that works from day one.

How much money can quality assurance testers save?

Quality assurance is the practice of ensuring that customers receive a working product that they can use. The International Software Certification Board and QAI Global Institute both estimate that poorly performing software can account for as much as 40 to 60 percent of a project's budget. By hiring quality assurance testers early, you secure your application from bugs and security glitches that would otherwise prove deadly.

Mobile testers provide particularly useful services as applications in this space tend to be riskier, less secure, and cost much less than traditional software or even SAAS. By testing your product, you know you can hit the market without fear.

What can quality assurance testing provide?

Imagine producing a broken application. The end user picks up your software and installs the program on their phone, laptop, or tablet. Now, imagine the frustration of not being able to perform an intended task. After hundreds of customers grind through the same process, your company finds that the bug exists. You must now spend time and resources finding and fixing a problem while more customers purchase your product.

Quality assurance testing provides peace of mind, lower cost, and customer satisfaction and loyalty. A broken application costs money to fix, much more than when in development. To ensure that customers continue to use your service, you need to ensure that each change propagates correctly as well. The industry mantra of test early and test often carries significant weight.

Where can I find good quality assurance testers?

A decent quality assurance tester not only possesses the knowledge to get you from integration to regression but is a certified and educated individual with years of experience in the field. Non-experience candidates pervade freelancer platforms. Finding quality partners means either direct or indirect recruiting or working with an esteemed organization.

Atimi possesses the esteemed Apple Mobility Partner title which verifies our in-depth knowledge of mobile application development. We took flight with the App Store on opening day and continue to work with top-tier clients such as HBO, Activision, Amazon, Best Buy, and ESPN. Our employees have been in the field long enough to know much more than the difference between black box and white-box testing.

How expensive is quality assurance testing?

Outsourcing quality assurance testing with a vetted firm provides a significant service at a highly reduced cost. For every 100 working hours required, you can save up to $1000 per middle QA expert. This cost does not include the taxes, bonuses, and need to find senior-level employees either.

Atimi helps you provide high performing mobile solutions. Our track record speaks for itself. Hire quality assurance testers, hire Atimi for your next project.

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